10 Couple Sleeping Positions and Their Real Meanings

Even in the happiest couples, a lot of things are often left unsaid. However, when we fall asleep, our subconscious wakes up and spills all the beans. Watch the video to find out what you and your partner’s sleeping position reveals about your relationship!

For example, sleeping at a certain distance while still holding hands or staying connected through any other minimal touch shows that both of you are confident in the relationship. You don’t need any over-the-top gestures to know that your partner is head-over-heels in love with you. Hilary Thompson, a wellness consultant with SleepTrain, says that minimal touch is just a little reminder of your presence and the affection you give to each other. So you can sigh with relief; your subconscious confirms that your relationship is on top of its game!

Spooning 0:44
Head on the chest 1:38
Back-to-back 2:16
Face-to-face 3:08
Sleeping on your stomachs 4:01
Hand touching 4:46
Leg hugging 5:27
Tangling 6:18
One of the partners dominates the bed 7:04
Sleeping in separate beds 8:03

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– Spooning indicates intimacy and deep understanding between partners. This position also shows your roles in the relationship. If you’re the big spoon, you’re protective of your partner and can even be a bit possessive at times.
– According to Patti Wood, a body language expert and the author of Success Signals: A Guide to Reading Body Language, the partner who puts their head on the other’s chest shows their dependence, while the one who sleeps on their back demonstrates their power and desire to protect their other half.
– Sleeping back-to-back can have completely different meanings depending on the space between you two. If your backs are touching, it shows that you’re an established couple that values their space but manages to keep that connection with one another.
– Sleeping with your faces and bodies turned towards each other is a position that signifies emotional connection. If you and your partner are touching during face-to-face sleeping, it means that you want the same things and understand each other perfectly.
– If both you and your partner are big fans of sleeping on your stomach, this could be a sign of a little trouble in your personal paradise.
– Sleeping at a certain distance while still holding hands or staying connected through any other minimal touch shows that both of you are confident in the relationship.
– Intertwining your legs together while sleeping is another great sign for your relationship. Even if you don’t really sleep that close to one another, this “leg hugging” shows your bond with your partner and your desire for deeper emotional and physical connection.
– Tangling is a popular sleeping position among couples who just started dating. This is that stage of any new relationship when you just can’t get enough of each other. And that’s exactly what this position signifies.
– If you or your partner prefer a starfish position and take up a whole lotta space while sleeping, it’s not really a good sign. It basically indicates a selfish person who wants to be in charge at all times. Another important factor is whether your heads are at the same level.
– The reasons behind a couple sleeping in different beds can vary from comfort issues and snoring to really serious problems in the relationship.

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