10 Easy Ways to Survive a Wild Animal Attack

How to survive bear or shark attack? What should you do if you are bitten by a snake? Here’re some tips on what to do when you encounter a wild animal and how to survive wild animal attacks.

When we meet some wild animals on a picnic or in the woods, we get scared. But we usually don’t know what to do in each case as we might not fully realize the danger and act properly.
Any warm-blooded animal might be a carrier of rabies. This is a lethal disease that can’t be cured. The disease is transmitted through a bite or spit. However sweet an animal seems, you’d better not touch it.


Meeting a moose in the woods 0:27
Meeting a moose or a boar on the road while driving 1:39
Meeting a hedgehog 2:25
If you’re attacked by an angry boar 2:58
If there’s a bat in your apartment 3:31
If a coyote, a fox, or a jackal noticed you 4:21
If a nestling has fallen out of its nest 4:50
If a dolphin is near you while you’re swimming in the sea 5:19
If a dolphin has been washed ashore 6:19
Meeting a shark in the open sea 6:57
Some extra tips 7:59

-Never approach moose calves or make any abrupt movements.
-Don’t Press the car horn or blink the lights if you see a moose or a boar on the road. Slowly stop if the animal appears on the road.
-Never touch a hedgehog barehanded as you might catch a whole variety of infections, only take it with you if it’s wounded.
-Don’t try to outrun an angry boar, climb up a tree instead.
-Don’t panic if you find a bat in your apartment. Put on some thick gloves and carefully take it.
-Never try to play with a fox, coyote, or a jackal no matter how cute it looks. Instead, stretch out your arms or clothes to give the impression that you have increased in size.
-Only try to save a nestling if it has visible damage.
-Don’t think that a dolphin can do absolutely no harm to you. Swim away from it if you can.
-If you see a dolphin ashore, don’t carry it back to the sea. Speak to rescuers or the coast guard and wait for help near the dolphin.
-In case you ever meet a shark, stay still and defend yourself. Punch it on the nose with all your might and try to leave the water.
-Don’t let your pets play with wild animals. Don’t feed wild animals. Never touch young animals. Their parents will be aggressive.

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