10 Largest Snakes in the World Discovered

If you ever read at least the first book about Harry Potter, you probably remember the young wizard accidentally letting a huge snake out of its cage. That was, in fact, boa constrictor — one of the largest snakes in the world. The females of its kind can reach 14 ft in length — that’s about half as long as a famous London red bus!

Remember Kaa from The Jungle Book? Well, his prototype is the Indian python. This snake is truly huge, reaching the length of 21 ft! But what about real giants? Have you ever heard about Titanoboa? It’s a close relative of a boa but so much bigger! Titanoboa lived 58-61 million years ago and it’s the biggest serpent that ever existed. Its fossilized remains were discovered and measured in Colombia in 2009 and it made a sensation at the time. The gigantic snake could grow to the absolutely epic size!


Boa constrictor 0:01
Yellow anaconda 0:48
Green anaconda 1:38
Burmese python 2:28
Indian python 3:27
Amethystine python 4:12
African rock python 4:57
Reticulated python 5:47
Gigantophis 6:47
Titanoboa 7:24

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