10-Min Home Exercises to Get Wider Shoulder and Huge Back

Hey! Today we’re working on shoulders, back, and chest muscles. You need a small towel, some dumbbells, and maybe a bottle of water for today’s workout. 3-4 times a week will be enough to get the body shape you want. Upper body exercises can also prevent you from getting flabby arms. Or help you get rid of them if you already have them. These exercises also make you stronger and make everyday tasks easier.

This exercise program is designed for 28 days and is perfect for beginners. When you become more confident, start experimenting, and make the exercises more complex. Add extra weight to your push-ups, increase speed or time for each exercise. You will start to notice the effect of training in a week. But don’t forget to do a light warm-up before you start. And watch the video till the end to know what you should eat to build muscle.


Push-back push-ups 0:20
Pike push-ups 1:24
Superman 2:03
Dumbbell Exercise 3:08
Towel Exercise 4:17
How to gain muscle mass without limiting your diet 5:47

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