10+ Reasons Your Phone Battery Dies So Fast

Why does your phone battery die so fast? These days, owning a smartphone means constantly searching for a socket thanks to the battery running out so quickly. Sometimes it’s not even enough for one day. You might blame the manufacturer, but the sad truth is that the main problem here is operator error.

Did you know, for example, that charging your phone fully is actually bad for your battery? Or that every notification you get sucks the life out of it? So, Bright Side found out the reasons why your phone’s battery decreases so quickly. Check if it is you who “influences” the battery level.

You don’t clean the charging port 0:40
You have a bright wallpaper 1:13
You carry your phone in your hand 1:50
You don’t fully close programs 2:20
You get way too many notifications 2:50
You don’t check your battery settings 3:28
You keep your screen on maximum brightness 4:03
You use the max volume 4:39
You switch on vibrate 5:04
You don’t set a “time out” for the screen 5:30
You switch on GPS, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi 6:03
You use voice controls way too often 6:30
You forget to turn off the auto-rotate screen 6:56
You don’t turn your phone off 7:25
You always charge your phone to 100% 7:54

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– Make it a habit to clean this port with a pointed Q-tip or a toothpick just as often as you wipe the screen. It won’t be long till you notice how much more effective charging has become!
– Your love for bright images could be the main reason why your battery keeps running out! Each time you check your text messages or missed calls, the wallpaper is there and it keeps eating up your battery.
– Every time there’s a temperature spike, your phone starts heating up too. And carrying it in your hand makes the situation even worse since your phone starts to pick up the warmth of your hand as well.
– Don’t just leave your programs running in the background. Close them fully after each time you use them.
– Try disabling notifications for all your apps except the absolute essential ones for at least a day, and see how long your battery lasts.
– A super bright screen can be pretty handy, but it’s not a good idea if you’re looking to keep your battery life at its max.
– The same goes for keeping your volume turned all the way up – it consumes way too much of your phone’s energy.
– If you want to seriously prolong the life of your battery, you have to put your phone down from time to time and just let it be.
– Unfortunately, keeping your GPS, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi on also makes your phone battery run low really fast.
– When used too often, voice controls affect your battery life just as much as any other background function.
– The auto-rotate function is really convenient for looking at pictures or when you’re on a YouTube video marathon. But when left on all the time, it just dries your battery out completely!
– Make sure to turn your phone off every night so that the battery can cool down.

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