10 Simple Psychological Tricks That Always Work

Can you shape how others perceive you? Do you ever wish you could control what people thought of you? Or maybe you just wanna communicate in a more confident way? Well, you don’t need any magical powers to make it happen — just good old-fashioned psychology tricks!

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Find out if someone is secretly looking at you 0:36

Diffuse a conflict with food 1:45

Get someone to tell you more 3:10

Make yourself memorable in job interviews 3:47

Form stronger bonds with people 4:54

Control people’s assumptions about you 5:42

Make someone feel like they’re important 6:43

Get someone to help you do something 7:49

Get people to believe in you 8:33

Keep people’s attention 9:24

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– If you want to learn if someone has been looking at you, try yawning. No, it’s not some secret code, but if someone is looking at you and you happen to yawn, they won’t be able to help but yawn themselves.
– The food serves as a great distraction and can actually relieve tension since you’ll start to care more about the food than what you’re talking about.
– When there’s silence, the other person is more likely to talk and will probably say more than they would if you were to interject.
– A sure way to stand out from the crowd is to use the “serial position effect.” This is based on the idea that people tend to remember the first and last parts of things and not as much of the middle.
– If you’re in a new relationship or starting a friendship with someone, instead of going to the movies or out to eat, try doing an activity together that can get your blood pumping.
– While you’re talking and getting to know each other, try to point out something you both have in common. Maybe you grew up in the same town or you both have the same alma mater.
– When you meet someone for the first time at a party or work event, say their name right after they introduce themselves.
– Instead of asking the person point blank if they can help, pose a false dilemma.
– Even if you aren’t sure of something, that doesn’t mean you should question what you say. Try leaving out the word “I think” when you talk to your friends and family.
– For people to pay attention to what you’re saying, keep direct eye contact with them while you’re talking.

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