10+ Smallest Creatures on Earth

What are the smallest animals in the world? We, humans, are so tiny compared to some creatures. Next to elephants or whales, we seem really small. But there are animals that are much smaller than us. Actually, some of them are so small that you can hardly spot them in the wild. For example, the smallest snake could easily be confused with an earthworm!

So, welcome to the Microzoo where you’ll find the itsy-bitsiest, teeny-weeniest creatures that have ever existed – from a pint-sized elephant to a baseball-sized single-celled organism! But some of these pipsqueaks can compete with the most formidable hunters out there!


The smallest elephant 0:22

The puniest member of the crocodilians 0:58

Homo floresiensis 1:16

The world’s littlest wildcat species 1:30

The world’s smallest dog 2:21

The dinkiest dinosaur 2:37

The pygmy possum 3:23

Bee Hummingbird 3:48

The most miniature of all mammals 4:41

The littlest octopus 5:04

The smallest amphibian 5:34

The world’s smallest scorpion 5:59

The world’s minutest insects 7:06

The tiniest bacteria 7:50

The nanobe 8:08

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