10 Survival Riddles to Get Out of a Difficult Situation

Solving survival riddles takes courage, intelligence, and the ability to think logically, even in extreme circumstances. Wanna test yourself? Okay, several guys found themselves in serious trouble today! We need your problem-solving skills to get them out of it! You’ll have a chance to help them and get one point for every correct answer!

If you get 0-3 points, you need to watch more riddle videos and develop your logic skills. If you get 4-7 points, you’re halfway there. Just pay more attention to little details. If you finish this race with 8-10 points, you have really genius thinking!


A Transportation Paradox 0:17

A Secret Room 1:25

The Right Dimension 2:15

A Locked Car 2:58

Giant Lake Tunnels 3:43

Trapped at the Mall 4:32

Who Took the Computer? 5:23

An Escape 6:07

A Parallel Universe 6:56

The Crazy Scientist 7:55

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