10 Unbelievable True Stories That Will Blow Your Mind

History consists of a lot of different events, and some of them are so hilarious and weird that they resemble the plot of a movie or a cartoon. Did you know, for example, that in the 15th-19th centuries, Europeans bought mummies to make medicines out of them? Or that 150 years ago, engineers literally raised Chicago together with all of its buildings and streets by a few feet?

Life is really the best scriptwriter there is! Some historical moments sound crazy, but they are actually true. You think baboon can’t work for the railroad? Actually, it can. A baboon named Jack worked at the station for 9 years and never made a single mistake! So guys, here’re some craziest stories that ever happened in real life. But pay attention, ’cause one of them is not what it seems…

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Jack, the baboon 0:20
The longest performance 1:12
Raising Chicago 1:57
The luckiest woman 2:57
Hoover, the talking seal 3:56
Mysterious disappearance 4:50
Risky bet 5:46
Penguin love 6:33
The lawn chair flight 7:38
Rabbit pregnancy 8:45

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– The baboon named Jack worked at the station for 9 years and never made a single mistake! The railway even employed him officially, paying the baboon about 20 cents a day. Jack’s service ended in 1890, though – he died of tuberculosis.
– German musicians and philosophers decided to play a musical piece for ages and chose John Cage’s Organ²/ASLSP for the job. They followed the composer’s instructions to play it “as slow as possible” and thought that 639 years would be just enough.
– In the 19th century, Chicago was just a few feet above the Lake Michigan water level which brought all kinds of problems. It took about two decades to raise the city up. And the most exceptional thing is that Chicago’s busy life never stopped!
– Ewa Wisnierska decided to fly a little to prepare for the upcoming paragliding world championship. Eventually, Wisnierska got trapped in the upraft of two thunderstorms! No matter how much she tried to get out, she was still lifted to a height of more than 32,000 feet (9,700 m).
– In 1971 a baby seal was found on the shore. As it turned out, its mother had died, so a man named George Swallow took it home and named it Hoover. Hoover grew pretty fast and spent tons of time with his “dad,” slowly mimicking George’s accent and catchphrases.
– In 1956, a fearless American pilot, Thomas Fitzpatrick, made a bet that he could land a plane on the streets of New York. He stole a single engine plane from the Teterboro School of Aeronautics in New Jersey and flew it all the way to New York, winning the bet.
– In 2007 two of the cutest penguins, Grape-kun and his mate Midori, were transferred to Tobu Zoo. At this point these lovebirds had been together for almost a decade! However, this didn’t stop Midori from leaving Grape-kun for a younger penguin. This really broke Grape-kun. That was until the zoo decided to put up a cutout of the anime character Hululu near Grape-kun’s enclosure. Believe it or not, the penguin fell in love!
– Back in 1726 England had one of the biggest controversies of its long history. A young woman named Mary Toft gave birth to something that looked a lot like several animal parts. Some of them looked a lot like rabbit pieces.

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