11 Hard-to-Solve Riddles from the 18th Century

We may think we’re way smarter than people of 300 years ago, being able to find almost any information in a matter of moments. But how will we get on without the Internet? Some of them posed a real challenge to us. Check them out for yourselves!

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#1. How do you fill two sacks with coffee from another sack of a similar size? 0:15

#2. Two people are eating plums. If the first give the other 2 plums, they’ll be equal. If the second gives the other 2 plums, he’ll have twice as many. How many plums does each have? 1:02

#3. Birds sat one on each tree, and one didn’t have a place. But when they sat two on each, one tree was left free. How many birds and trees? 2:23

#4. Question: “What time is it?” Answer: “Half the time after midnight is 3/4 time left before noon.” What’s the time? 3:25

#5. 2 fathers and two sons caught 3 hares. Each got one. How? 4:50

#6. Write a number that consists of 11 thousands, 11 hundreds, and 11 digits. 5:37

#7. The ducks fly. One ahead and two behind. One behind and two ahead. One between two and three in a row. How many ducks overall? 6:23

#8. “How old is your son?” “If you take my son’s age and add that and a half, you’ll get 10.” How old is he? 7:10

#9. An old man was 100 years and a few months old, but he’d only had 25 birthdays. How could this be? 7:56

#10. The children had 130 huts and had to divide them into 2 parts so that 4 times the lesser part would equal 3 times the larger part. How many nuts would be in each part? 8:39

#11. Move only one matchstick to make a square. 10:02

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