11 Proofs India Is Not Like Any Other Country

Ah, India… It’s a country of great wisdom, incredible history, ruins of ancient cities, eastern spices, delicious tea, and beautiful nature. India gave the world a great civilization. You will never want to leave it. However, when you have to do that, don’t forget to exchange your rupees. No one is allowed to take them out of the country!

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Are all Indians vegetarians? 0:59

The most expensive spice in the world 1:48

Really delicious butter tea. How to make it? 2:52

A country with over 22 languages! 3:47

Where 50,000 people a day can eat for free 4:44

What records India holds 5:57

How to avoid becoming a criminal 😉 7:29

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– Indians eat very little meat. In fact, they have the lowest meat consumption per person in the world! Most of their dishes are vegetarian, and meat is replaced with soy meat.
– Kashmir produces the highest quality and the most expensive saffron in the world. The town of Pampore is literally built around saffron fields.
– If you ever find yourself in India, you’re gonna need a really big book because there are actually 22 officially recognized languages there!
– The Golden Temple provides a free meal to over 50,000 people a day, and on special occasions, it can feed up to 200,000!
– India has the largest number of post offices in the world. Wherever you go, you’ll stumble upon one literally on every corner.
– India places third in terms of the number of Guinness World Record holders.
– Indian Railways is also the largest employer in the world. It has over a million employees!
– No one is allowed to take India’s national currency in or out of the country! It’s actually against the law, so make sure you change your money before you cross the border.

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