11 Simple Ways to Connect with the Right People

Everyone you meet can help you open more doors in terms of friendships, business, love, and so on. Bright Side has compiled a list of must-know rules for those who know the true value of making new acquaintances and business contacts.

Do a research about the person you are going to meet 0:44
Prepare for the context of the meeting 1:23
Learn people’s names and use them 2:12
Remember that nobody feels relaxed 3:18
Be friendly and confident 3:45
Watch your posture 4:47
Focus on your body language 5:21
Take care of your appearance 5:40
Never show off 6:18
Pay attention to the person’s interests 6:43
Finish the conversation correctly 7:39

– You don’t need to spend a lot of money on a private detective. Just find the person’s page on Facebook and look through it. It’s likely that you’ll find some information about his or her professional experience, hobbies, and personal interests.
– There are many kinds of meetings: it can be your first date, a job interview, a meeting with your child’s school teacher. Of course, you should be prepared differently for every kind.
– Dale Carnegie wrote: “To recall a voter’s name is statesmanship. To forget is oblivion”. This might sound like an obvious piece of advice, but you can’t even imagine how powerful the effect is that names have on us. In sales, it’s essential to learn a buyer’s name and use it a few times during the conversation.
– Very few people can feel comfortable when talking to new people. Everybody is worried about how they look and what they say. Don’t forget that the person you’ve just met is also just a person!
– A fake smile is usually the one when your lips are smiling, and your eyes aren’t. Practice a little in front of the mirror, and once you believe yourself, you are ready to go. But remember: a fake smile is worse than no smile at all.
– Your posture can tell a lot about yourself to other people. Don’t stoop if you don’t want to look like a loser. Hold your back straight — that way you’ll look self-assured and open. Keep your hands in the person’s sight.
– Use your hands when talking. Gestures help to relax your memory because they kind of does a part of talking. Don’t cross your legs or hands — this might indicate that you are insecure, which, of course, you aren’t!
– The most important rule is always to stay yourself. If you don’t feel comfortable wearing suits, then don’t put them on. You don’t want to think about your outfit during the conversation.
– Whatever situation you are in, whoever you are meeting, never show off. After all, you’re not Tony Stark! Even if you have a lot to tell about how much money you have or where you go on vacations, keep this information to yourself and only share it if you are asked directly.
– Show your deepest interest in what the person is telling you (even if it’s the most boring thing you’ve ever heard). Listen attentively, don’t interrupt, and ask questions.
– Do not interrupt the person in mid-sentence. Let them finish. After that come up with a good reason why you need to leave now. Don’t let the person think that you are leaving because you are bored. Smile, and say that you had pleasure meeting them.

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