11 Strange Things Indian Billionaires Bought Once

Making money is one thing, spending it is another. We often think about all the possibilities of how really rich people can spend their wealth. So what would you do if you had tons of money, get yourself a yacht with a mansion on it and literally sleep on a bed of cash? Hey, if you’re an Indian billionaire, that’s just one of the many bizarre ways you can spend your fortune. As for the others?

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A Gold Shirt 0:30
A Bulletproof Car 1:20
A Ferrari Drive 2:17
A Diamond-Studded Handbag 3:00
Priceless Water 3:40
A Bed of Cash 4:18
A Private Boeing 4:43
An Unforgettable Wedding 5:37
A Chopper as a Wedding Gift 6:44
A Floating Palace 7:33
A Private Skyscraper 8:16

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– Datta Phuge, an entrepreneur from Pune, India, must’ve really had a taste for gold. The man hired 15 craftsmen who worked almost non-stop for 16 days to make him a shirt that consisted entirely of gold.
– Oil and gas tycoon Mukesh Ambani who’s the richest man in India has a heavily armored car. Not only is it bulletproof, this vehicle can even shield bomb explosions!
– Going for a drive in a Ferrari doesn’t seem too absurd…until you find out that this was one super-rich Indian father’s idea of a birthday present for his 9-year-old son!
– You’ve already heard about Mukesh Ambani and his bulletproof, bombproof Mercedes. But I think his wife deserves a spot on today’s list for her love of lavish things, like handbags covered in diamonds!
– Virat Kohli drinks only Evian water that’s imported from France. The price of just one 33-ounce bottle can range from $9 to $30.
– A rich man from Tripura had a very unusual childhood dream, and he finally fulfilled it one day. Samar Acharjee withdrew $29,000-worth of rupees (that’s the currency of India) and made a bed from the bundles of cash.
– Before purchasing this personal airplane, Mukesh Ambani bought his wife a $60-million Airbus for her birthday.
– The 26-year-old bride Srishti was marrying investment banker Gulraj Behl. The wedding cost the happy father as much as $73 million!
– Another breathtaking Indian wedding took place in 2011 when Congress leader Kanwar Singh Tanwar’s son married Sukhbir Singh Jaunapuria’s daughter. The whole event cost about $36 million.
– Mukesh Ambani has his private skyscraper in Mumbai. No, it’s not for some company he owns – it’s literally a 27-story private residence!

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