11 Strange Tricks Your Body Plays On You Daily

Have you ever felt like you’re living in a body you literally know nothing about? Every once in a while your eye starts twitching by itself, your stomach starts singing like a whale, you get covered in goosebumps for no reason at all, or your leg falls asleep!

Speaking about your legs, do you know why when startled, or just scared, they might become as heavy as tree trunks? When adrenalin kicks in, it triggers what’s called the ‘fight or flight’ reaction. So it could go two different ways: you might run like an Olympic athlete, or you may not be able to move a single muscle. Interested? Then it’s time for you and your body to get to know each other better, and these 11 facts will help you with that.

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Why do your muscles twitch for no reason? 0:28
Why do we shake when it’s cold? 1:01
Why does your leg fall asleep? 1:40
Why are your eyes wet when you wake up? 2:21
What about yawning when you don’t want to sleep at all? 3:10
What are eye floaters? 4:20
Why does falling asleep sometimes feel like literally falling? 5:11
Why do your legs feel lead-heavy when you’re afraid? 5:54
Why do your fingers get all wrinkly from water? 6:53
Why do joints pop? 7:55
What makes your stomach growl? 8:50

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– If your eye starts to twitch occasionally, it’s a signal that you’re dealing with stress or having a hard time trying to get good sleep.
– We’re all familiar with uncontrollable chattering teeth and shivering legs when we’re cold. This happens because all your muscles are slightly, yet rapidly, moving to generate some heat from friction.
– The way you sat restricted the amount of blood that could get to your leg. Only ten minutes without proper blood circulation will cause this numbness, and the uncomfortable feeling afterwards is the sensation of blood rushing back in to every bit of your leg.
– To compensate for the lack of protection, and wash away all the dust that might settle on your eye during the night, special glands in the corners of our eyes produce tears.
– Yawning is basically stretching your jaw, and inhaling as deep as you can. Both actions make the blood in your vessels rush to your head, and spinal fluid go down your spine.
– Floaters aren’t exactly objects; they’re just tiny imperfections in one special part of the main body of an eye, called the vitreous. We can see them because these structural imperfections stand in the way of the light that passes from pupil to retina, which forms your vision.
– The worst kind of waking up is when you jerk or jump, startled, with the terrible sensation that you fell off your bed, or a cliff. It turns out this happens right after you’ve fallen asleep, at the exact moment all your muscles simultaneously relax. Your brain may mistake it as a distress call, because normally if all your muscles relaxed, you’d fall.
– The wrinkling happens when small blood vessels constrict under the skin; but that’s not the most interesting part. Scientists discovered that if the nerves in your fingers are damaged, the wrinkles won’t appear at all, no matter how long they’ve been under water.
– The clicking and cracking sounds happen when a serious force pushes on a joint, bending it in a way that causes a small bubble of gas to escape, and deflate.
– When your stomach is empty, your brain sends a signal to start the process of digesting something and transporting it further down the digestive system. But there’s nothing to move except gas, which is what makes all the noise.

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