11 Things You Didn’t Know About the Queen’s Guards

Here is a riddle for you: red jackets, unsmiling faces, and huge black furry hats. Who are they? The University of Houston Marching Band? Well yeah but, I’m talking about those other guys! Those are the Queen’s guards in London, the capital city of the UK! These easily recognizable and regularly photographed guys may always be in the limelight, but there are some curious things about them you definitely didn’t know!

For example, if an absent-minded tourist doesn’t stay out of their way, the guards have all the rights to knock them over. So, watch out! Or have you ever thought why the hat strap is below the guard’s nose? The thing is that the hat is so heavy that if it’s struck or shot in combat, it would easily break the soldier’s neck if the strap was positioned under the chin.


Can they speak? 0:33

They have to faint according to protocol 0:59

They can’t have a bathroom trip 1:38

No nose picking, no scratching an itch 2:00

When do they wear long grey coats? 2:34

They can’t smile 3:18

Why they hate hot weather 3:58

How much their bearskin hats weight 4:28

How to become one of the Queen’s guard 5:27

Why their jackets are red 6:07

Do they have fun? 6:37

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