12 Challenging Riddles to Test Your Survival Skills

We all love detective stories where policemen investigate the most challenging cases. What about feeling like a real detective by solving cases? These riddles will help you to develop problem-solving abilities and become more inventive! You get 1 point for each cracked case.

If you get 1-4 points, you need to get more creative and use your analytical skills. If your result is 5-9 points, you should pay more attention to details. It’ll help you both to survive in extreme situations and understand when people lie to you. For those who will crack 10-13 riddles – you’re a true survival expert!


Mysterious Disappearance 0:18

A Stranded Sailor 1:15

A Happy Couple 1:59

A Ski Resort 2:44

What Happened to Archie? 3:40

Who Has More Chances to Survive? 4:29

A Lost Guitarist 5:12

Where Did They Hide the Money? 6:00

A Hotel Safe 6:45

Who Took the Statue? 7:46

A Dangerous River 8:23

Three Doors 9:16

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