15 More Riddles You Must Solve to Survive

Do people often compliment your analytical skills and logical thinking? Do you realize who the criminal is as soon as you open a new detective novel? Then you might love this challenge! All you need to do is to crack at least 10 out of these 15 mystery riddles, and you’ll get the title of the smartest Brightsider ever! But even if your result is worse than that, don’t lose heart! Practice makes perfect!

A Locked Room 0:18

Mysterious Doors 1:27

A Werewolf Mystery 2:22

A Big Mistake 3:21

A Jail-Break 4:20

A Cursed House 5:02

An Escape Plan 5:49

A Clever Ticketing Clerk 6:36

Tomb Raider 7:17

Witty Mind 8:13

Garden Riddle 8:51

A Safe Elevator 9:23

A Fly in the Coffee 10:10

A Safe Place 10:55

A Treasure Chest 11:25

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