15 Riddles Would Stump Even Sherlock Holmes

The last time many people tried to solve a riddle or a puzzle was back in school, but sometimes we all want to check our abilities. And besides, some research has proven that solving riddles and puzzles is exceptionally beneficial for your brain. It sharpens your mind, improves your memory, and teaches you to pay attention to small details. And it’s simply fun. So here’s another compilation of cool riddles that only the brightest people can solve!


Strict Professor 0:01
The Chef’s Out 0:44
Wolf Paradox 1:43
Puppy Mystery 2:12
Truth or Not? 3:10
Who Went Out? 4:04
Theft on a Train 4:41
Underwater Fire 5:40
A New Year Party 6:06
King’s Heir 7:04
Impossible 7:54
Which Mom’s Rich? 8:15
A Mysterious Door 8:36
A Missing Millionaire 9:03
King’s Decision 10:01

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