16 Little Known Facts You Must Know to Survive

Imagine you’re in a forest and come across a bear. Or that you’re stuck in a building that’s on fire. Would you know what to do to survive? Life is full of surprises, and not all of them are pleasant. But there’s always a way out, even in situations that seem hopeless.

Many injuries could have been avoided if people had known how to behave correctly in critical situations. Sometimes, knowing a simple fact can increase your chances for survival or help save someone’s life. Yep, there are situations where a person’s life really depends on their actions and here’s a plan of action that could help you survive.

How to escape from a car 0:28

Unpredictable fire 1:02

If caught in a fire, keep low to the ground 1:34

Address someone directly to get help 2:03

Encountering a bear 2:37

A smell of fish or urine 3:22

Rip current 3:55

A fire during cooking 4:22

Don’t eat snow even if you’re thirsty 5:00

Hide in the tub in case of a tornado 5:31

Water on the beach is too far from the shoreline 6:15

How to recognize a poisonous snake 6:46

Walking on thin ice 7:41

If your hair stands on end while you’re at an elevation 8:07

Don’t inflate your life jacket before getting out of the plane 8:38

Upbeat music behind the wheel 9:10

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