17 Scientific Facts That Seem Too Crazy to Be True

We have put together a list of the most fantastic and unbelievable scientific facts that seem too crazy to be true. This world will never stop surprising us, just take a look for yourself!

Scientists have recently found that the universe tastes like raspberries and the Mona Lisa actually used to have eyebrows…


The coldest place in the Universe 0:22

Humanity in an apple 1:03

The taste of the Universe 1:47

Super slippery substance 2:12

The biggest living organism 2:28

Bagel brain 2:55

Faster than a space shuttle 3:13

Lungs the size of a tennis court 3:39

Family ties 3:59

A fish that knows your face 4:19

The Eiffel Tower secret 4:33

Traces of the Big Bang 4:56

Walking fish 5:16

The secret of Mona Lisa 5:37

Chimpanzee friendship 6:15

The light bulb of a brain 6:34

Coffee affects your breast size 7:05

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