19 Things That Surprise Tourists in the US

For most of the world, Americans seem to be exporting just about everything, from movies to McDonald’s. But if you think you can see everything American without visiting America, think again. There’s stuff that the U.S. seems to reserve just for itself. For example, in America, you’ll hardly find a restaurant where you won’t be offered a doggy bag at the end of your meal if you come with your pooch.

Also, the United States is the only country, apart from New Zealand, where drugs are freely advertised just about anywhere, all items in stores are tagged with prices that don’t include VAT or value-added tax, and kitchen scraps are disposed of right in the sink. Interested? So let’s experiment. Let’s all pretend that we’re a first time visitor to the US, and check out what’s really worth giving a try!

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Spray cheese 0:32
Doggy bags 1:01
Black Friday 1:36
Supersize 2:11
Tipping everyone 2:44
Yellow school buses 3:14
Medical advertising 3:40
Unused vacations 4:09
Surprise prices 4:38
Imperial units 5:10
A question instead of a greeting 5:41
Date writing order 6:14
Patriotism 6:59
Road trips 7:34
Garbage disposal in the sink 8:05
Prom night 8:26
Peanut shells on the floor 8:52
Red Solo cups 9:23
Free refills 9:46

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– Things like Cheez Whiz or Squeeze Cheese have a strong flavor and add delicious notes to any dish that goes well with cheese.
– Although this tradition is slowly but steadily being adopted by other countries, the American Black Friday is still a thing to behold. Most shops throw incredible discounts.
– Wherever you go to have a snack, be prepared to see supersized helpings. This is mostly a fast food feature/
– In the US, you tip basically everyone in the service industry, be it a hairdresser or a valet.
– Of all things American, these vehicles have become pretty much a hallmark of the United States. No movie featuring school kids goes without a yellow bus taking them to school.
– This is something nobody from other countries understands — at least from those with healthier attitudes towards work. For some reason, Americans voluntarily work more than they are required to.
– When you’re shopping big, make sure you have some extra cash to spend above the price tag of your goodies, because a sales tax will be added at checkout.
– The United States is literally the only country that still hasn’t switched to the metric system of units.
– Usually it’s some form of greeting, like “hello” or “hi.” Well, in the US, you ask a rhetorical question first.
– Everyone loves their countries, granted. But how some Americans celebrate their homeland could be viewed as a little over the top.
– While in many other places in the world, people tend to fly or at least travel by train, Americans’ preferred type of travel is driving.
– Prom is one of the biggest occasions in any American student’s life. Their parents can spend hundreds and even thousands of bucks for their kids to have a prom they’d remember for the rest of their lives.
– No one knows why, but throwing the shell on the floor after eating a peanut is a sort of a tradition in the US. Like anywhere else, littering is an offence, yet peanut shells seem to be exempt from this law.
– Red Solos have become a staple in the US pop culture, and they’re more strongly associated with American parties than pretty much anything else.
– Adding to the supersized portions I mentioned earlier, the US is famous for its free drink refills at any fast food joint. If you didn’t manage to quench your thirst with that huge Coke, please be my guest and have another one, free of charge.

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