20+ Incredible Space Facts That Aren’t In Textbooks

Our good old Solar System is actually a pretty bizarre place, what with all its out-of-this-world phenomena that we humans haven’t managed to explain yet! There are rumors that a gigantic, undiscovered planet is hiding behind Neptune, volcanoes on Pluto spew ice, and a colossal canyon on Mars can accommodate the whole US territory, and most of Cleveland!

Have you ever heard that winds on Venus blow 50 times faster than the planet rotates? Or that there’s an ocean that consists of metallic hydrogen, and its depth is a staggering 25,000 miles, which is almost the same as the circumference of the Earth? Well, let’s figure out if it’s true by talking about the most mystifying Solar System facts.

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How old is the Solar System? 0:34
Why you won’t be able to wear a hat on Venus 0:48
The most unexpected fact about Pluto 1:43
The only planet laying on its side 2:23
Mysterious Kuiper Belt 3:50
Volcanoes that spit ice 4:21
Two-toned moon 4:45
We live inside the Sun. Wait, what?! 5:17
The Sun’s atmosphere 6:06
100 billion solar systems 6:49
Rocks that arrived from Mars 7:04
The hottest planet 7:23
A moon that exists in never-ending chaos 8:08
The most enormous volcano in the Solar System 8:24
The Great Red Spot on Jupiter 9:26

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– The Solar System is 4.6 billion years old! So old, it’s a Senior Solar System.
– Wanna get away? You’ll have to travel 11 billion miles away from Earth before even leaving the Solar System.
– The Planet Uranus or Uranus – you can’t win either way — rotates on its side, and astronomers have no idea why the planet has chosen such an unusual position.
– Our Sun is insanely massive! Want some proof? Well, 99.86% of all the mass in the Solar System is the mass of the Sun – in particular, the hydrogen and helium it’s made of.
– Earth might not be the only tectonically active planet in the Solar System. Astronomers have spotted some landforms looking like cliffs on Mercury!
– Behind the orbit of Neptune, lies the mysterious Kuiper Belt, filled with massive icy objects. The most curious thing about this space formation, though, is that scientists can’t explain the pattern of its movement.
– While we have volcanoes spilling lava on our planet, the volcanoes on Pluto spit… ice!
– One of Saturn’s moons, Lapetus, has a unique color – it’s two-toned. One of its hemispheres is light, and the other is eerily dark.
– The Sun’s atmosphere stretches far beyond its visible surface. And our planet is right within its reach.
– The Sun’s atmosphere is hotter than the surface of the star. While on the surface, the temperatures reach 10,000 degrees F, the upper atmosphere heats up to millions of degrees!
– Our Solar System isn’t the only one in the Milky Way Galaxy. Far from it, the galaxy we live in houses about 100 billion solar systems!
– Since Mercury is the closest planet to the Sun, many people simply assume that it’s also the hottest. And that’s where they get it wrong because, in fact, Venus (which is about 30 million miles further from the Sun than Mercury) is way hotter!
– The most enormous volcano in the whole Solar System (at least, that we know of) is on Mars!
– The valley called Valles Marineris, on Mars, is more than 10 times larger than Earth’s Grand Canyon.
– On the surface of Jupiter, there’s a weird region that’s called the Great Red Spot. Recently, astronomers have concluded that this spot is actually a storm that’s been raging on the planet for centuries.

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