20 Tips to Survive in a Dangerous Situation

Most people don’t even think about being in danger. But Anyone can find themselves in a position when a lot is at stake. And it might happen when no one’s around to save the day. Panicking, implementing the wrong order of actions, or underestimating the seriousness of the situation can lead to very bad consequences. And often, it’s due to a lack of knowledge.

In this case, you’ll have to become your own hero, so learning some basic safety and survival tricks is absolutely crucial. Do you know, for example, why you should never use bleach and cleaning products that contain ammonia at the same time and in the same room? Or why the smell of urine or fish at home, for no apparent reason, should set off alarm bells in your head? You don’t? So here’s a list of facts that can help you act rationally in a critical situation.


Using multiple detergents 0:31

The smell of urine or fish at home 0:50

Oil burning on the stove 1:11

Your car’s in the middle of a railroad track 1:47

How you can be sure you have a heat stroke 2:12

Getting stuck with your car in the middle of nowhere 2:33

A big thunderstorm 3:07

Touching an electrified object 3:44

A snake bite 4:07

Calling an emergency service 4:34

Dizziness under water 4:51

An accidental encounter with a wild animal 5:05

Crossing the road 5:31

Jumping into water from high up 5:45

How to break a car window 6:19

How to start a fire with a water bottle 6:34

Tornado safety 6:55

A metallic taste in your mouth 7:21

If your car skids 7:42

Dealing with quicksand 7:48

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