20 Tricky Riddles You Must Solve to Survive

Where do you have the most absurd things getting the most logical explanations? That’s right: in brain teasers! How about to solve these ones to check your intellect? But I warn you, they are really tricky! Think you’re smart enough to crack them?

By the way, scientists have proven that riddles help you boost your thinking abilities and improve your attention span. So if you’re confident about your intellectual abilities and ready to solve some tricky puzzles to flex your brain muscles, let’s get started!

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Returning ball 0:24
New York – Dallas 0:56
Cow on a leash 1:35
People wearing masks 2:08
Sundial 2:42
Big family 3:15
Choose a barber 3:41
Trains on a bridge 4:25
The one about pennies 4:57
Carrot, a scarf, and several pieces of coal 5:28
Walking horse 5:58
A predictor 6:32
“Good afternoon, General!” 7:06
GTNTL (What the…) 7:36
Subtracting two from fifty 8:03
Jack and his lawyer 8:27
What did the wise man say? 9:00
A man who lives on the 15th floor 9:51
How to spot a cat 10:36
Freefall 11:15
💥 Bonus 11:49
👉 Your results 👈 12:41

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– #1. A ball doesn’t bounce off anything, and there’s nobody else there but you, yet the ball still comes straight back into your hands. How can this be?
– #2. Then let’s get serious. A man is sitting in his cabin in New York. A few hours later he walks out of this same cabin in Dallas. How is this possible?
– #3. A cow is tied with a 10-foot rope. There’s a bale of hay 50 feet away from it, but the animal still easily goes and eats it. How does it do that?
– #4. A person leaves home and makes three left turns. Then he (or she) runs back home and meets two people wearing masks. Who are they?
– #5. If a sundial has the least moving parts of any timepiece, then which one has the most?
– #6. Parents have 5 sons, and each son has a sister. How many children do they have?
– #7. There are only two barbers in town. Which one should you choose to give you a haircut?
– #8. One of the trains finishes crossing it much later than the first. Why?
– #9. Why are 1990 pennies worth more than 1989 pennies?
– #10. There’s a carrot, a scarf, and several pieces of coal randomly lying around a lawn. How have they ended up there?
– #11. Two of horse’s legs made 31 miles, while the other two only made 30 miles. How is this possible?
– #12. Mr. Jenkins doesn’t have any superpowers, but he can predict the score of any football match before it begins. How?
– #13. A man walks into a restaurant, and the waiter, seeing him for the first time in his life, says, “Good afternoon, General!” How did he know?
– #14. Guess the next three letters in a sequence: GTNTL
– #15. How many times can you subtract two from fifty?
– #16. Jack is talking to his lawyer in jail. They have just lost the case and are both upset. After the talk, Jack leaves the jail and goes home. How is this possible?
– #17. What did the wise man say to two brothers?
– #18. Why does a man walk those four floors?
– #19. You’re walking along the street alone. There are no stars or the moon in the sky, the streetlamps aren’t working. How did you spot a cat?
– #20. How can you fall out of a window of a 30-story building and get up with hardly a scratch, if there’s no rescue team holding a net for you and nobody else is going to help you?

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