22 After-Gym Mistakes That Stop You From Getting Into Perfect Shape

What you shouldn’t do after the gym? Working out is not just a bunch of exercises. It’s a lifestyle! If you’re working hard on getting fit and buffed but not succeeding, the problem may be in what you do after a workout. Yep, there are some common mistakes that are ruining your fitness goals.

For example, it’s natural to lose appetite after a workout, but you need to eat something according to your diet within one hour after a gym session. And yes, chicken is a great source of protein because it’s easily digestible for us. But if you start feeling that soreness in muscles increases, try to add some fish into your menu. Okay, here are 22 post-workout mistakes. Just try to avoid them and see the results.


Eating more, cause you deserved it 0:19

Starving yourself 0:39

Reaching for proteins 0:55

Going for chicken 100% of the time 1:17

Relying on protein bars 1:35

Stay hydrated, folks 1:55

Overly relying on supplements 2:17

Skipping an after-gym stretching 2:40

Being inactive 3:03

Not using a foam roller 3:20

Showing off 3:39

Going for a cold shower 3:59

Not changing clothes after gym 4:20

Hurrying to the shower 4:40

Not showering properly 4:56

Not taking notes on your gym experience 5:14

Not talking to other people in a gym 5:33

But don’t copy someone’s exercise course 5:53

Not doing your research 6:11

Popping a pill to calm muscle soreness 6:32

Antioxidants won’t help you recover 6:52

Not taking a rest day 7:14

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