23 Secrets Right From a Phone Sales Rep

What secrets would phone sales reps never tell you? No-no, it’s not like they are bad guys with some master plan. But being in this business makes them hide things from customers. They come walking up with a big friendly smile, “Hey, how can I help you today?” What they really mean is, “What can I sell you?” But don’t be mad – they are just doing their job!

Do you know, for example, why they are more interested in selling you a phone at the end of each month than in the beginning? Or why when you see a low price for a nice phone, there’s usually a catch? Or why tables with tester-models are always in the center of the store? Interested? Let’s find out the whole truth!


The layout pushes you to buy 0:19

What you overpay for 0:56

They try to meet their quota 1:30

You’re the real one in control! 1:59

How to end the contract with your carrier 2:33

Camera megapixels don’t really matter 3:07

Trial doesn’t necessarily mean free 3:44

Why you constantly recharge your phone 4:26

How to save some money 4:58

Change the plan! 6:07

Reviews are where the whole truth is revealed! 6:41

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