25 Valuable Things You Tend to Throw Away

How to reuse old things. Are you taking this old ice tray to the trash bin? And these old sneakers too? Please, don’t – old things can have amazing new uses. Or you can sell this seemingly useless stuff online and earn a fortune! So if you’re looking for repurposing ideas, we got something interesting for you.

Did you know, for example, that a simple piece of paper you don’t usually hesitate to throw away can be sold for thousands of dollars several years later if it’s related to some important event, for example, a remarkable baseball match? You can also try to sell empty boxes, pine cones, and even… used toilet paper rolls!


Pine cones 0:18

Tickets 0:38

Things that aren’t produced anymore 0:58

Empty boxes 1:19

Used toilet paper rolls 1:39

Perfume and makeup samples 2:13

Coins 2:34

Binder clips 2:58

Laundry jug 3:29

Worn clothing 3:46

Cords 4:00

Ice trays 4:23

Old socks 4:41

Toys 4:58

Plastic squeeze bottles 5:22

Instruction manuals 5:42

Baby food jars 5:59

Empty egg cartons 6:13

Gift cards 6:32

Kinder Surprise empty egg shells 6:52

Old clothing items 7:05

Breakfast cereal boxes 7:32

Foam Beverage Can Holders 8:10

Milk jugs 8:26

Toothbrushes 8:46

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