28 Online Texting Games to Play With Your Friends

Yep, it’s sad but true: we don’t meet with our friends and relatives as often as we used to several years ago. But technologies that have replaced this real-life communication also help us not to lose touch with our nearest and dearest, for example, by playing fun texting games!

For example, try to communicate all you have to say to your friend (for example, your latest news) with the help of emojis! Your friend has to interpret your message and tell you what you meant. Or you can play Abbreviations. It’s one of the most difficult texting games but it’s also a lot of fun! Abbreviations are made from the first letter of a phrase, for example, LOL – laughing out loud, TBH – to be honest. In this texting game, though, you’ll have to abbreviate your current activity!

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Emoji challenge 0:20
WWYD 0:44
Abbreviations 1:11
Name the song 1:36
Story constructor 1:57
Fortunately, unfortunately 2:16
Friends tag 2:50
Truth or dare 3:08
What’s the movie? 3:29
Rhyme It! 3:49
Riddles 4:12
Erudite 4:36
Most likely 4:53
Finish my sentence 5:13
Pre-set answers 5:33
Would you rather?… 5:56
Unscramble 6:15
Category 6:39
20 Questions 7:00
Associations 7:16
Where am I? 7:34
Never have I ever… 7:54
Questions Only 8:19
Let’s go to 8:45
Last Letter Game 9:10
Reverse 9:38
Who am I? 9:57
Funny pics 10:13

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– Text your friends a line from a song. The first player to name it correctly is the winner.
– You start a story with a phrase or a sentence. Your friend texts you back with the next sentence. Keep going until your story is complete.
– This game will show how well your friends know you. Send each other questions about yourself and your friendship, like “When did we first meet?” “Who’s my favorite superhero?”
– You can easily play truth or dare over text! Ask questions about things most people would prefer to keep secret.
– If you and your friends are into movies, choose a line from some film and ask the rest to guess the title.
– You start by texting a phrase or just a word to your opponent. They need to answer with a phrase or a word that rhymes with the first one.
– Riddles are fun, exciting, and can be easily played over the phone! Send your opponent a riddle.
– You text the beginning of a sentence to your partner, and they have to finish it. Try to make funny, crazy, and unexpected statements.
– You have to offer your friend two difficult choices. Make them as tough as possible. For example, “Would you rather talk like a monkey or look like a monkey?”
– One opponent picks a word, and then all the players have to use its letters to make as many new words as possible.
– Pick any topic and take turns writing as many words that fall under this category as you can.
– You send your opponent a word, and they have to answer with the first thing that comes to their mind.
– Tell your friend about your day, news, weekend plans, but all the words in your texts have to be in reverse order. Your opponent has to respond in the same reverse way.
– Pick a person: it may be a celebrity or someone both you and your opponents know. Start to describe this person until your partners guess who it is.
– Pick a category and search the Internet for funny images or memes on this topic. Send these captions back and forth. There are no winners or losers in this game, it’s just fun.

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