29 Facts You Never Knew About Food Delivery

How do food delivery companies work? When you’re hungry, in no mood to go out or cook dinner at home, food delivery can save you. You dial the number you know by heart, place your order, wait for a while, and here comes your food — easy as pie. But have you ever tried to look at the situation from a delivery employee’s point of view?

Did you know, for example, that pizza joints get lots of bizarre requests, and one of the most common is to draw something inside the box? For some inexplicable reason, in most cases, it has to be a dino. If delivery employees don’t have too many orders, they usually fulfill such weirdo requests.


No discount 0:44

Your tips should be… 1:22

Plot against you? 1:52

Do they judge you? 2:49

A drawing inside the box 3:01

Pizza tracker 3:42

Prank calls 4:26

Do you never tip? They remember you! 4:55

Be patient! 5:24

Who tips most 5:55

What if they drop the box 6:21

Be dressed! 7:09

They make you tip more generously 7:40

They wouldn’t eat it! 8:05

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