30 Eye-Opening Comparisons to Understand the World Better

We often feel pretty confident in our understanding of the world around us. That being said, it sometimes gets a bit difficult to comprehend two mind-bending phenomena: time and size. But if you try to look at them with the help of comparison, the picture immediately gets much clearer… and much more astonishing! In today’s video, we have 30 eye-opening comparisons that put huge numbers into perspective for you.

Mosquitoes and sharks 1:14
Nearer objects and more distant objects 2:01
Cleopatra and space exploration 2:34
A second and Planck Time 2:54
An atom and a football stadium 3:41
Manhattan and the whole world 4:42
ENIAC and iPAD 5:44
The Milky Way Galaxy and the U.S. 6:35
Warren Buffet and the average American 6:45
Woolly mammoths and the Great Pyramid of Giza 7:36
Our planet and the typical classroom globe 8:08
The Blue Whale and Toronto’s CN Tower 8:44
The eyeball of the giant squid and a basketball 9:32

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– In one single day, mosquitoes kill more people than sharks do in a century! In 2016 alone, mosquito bites led to about 1,470 deaths a day.
– Cleopatra was closer in time to space exploration than to the construction of the great Egyptian pyramids.
– A second can be a very long period of time. The shortest possible unit of time is Planck Time.
– If an atom were the size of a football stadium, its nucleus would be no bigger than a pea lying on the 50-yard line.
– If the density of the world population suddenly became as high as it is in Manhattan, all the people on our planet would fit inside Colorado.
– If the Earth was shrunk to the size of a billiard ball, our planet would be the smoother of the two!
– ENIAC (one of the first electronic general-purpose computers) would have needed 2 years to perform all the operations an iPad does in a second.
– France was still using the guillotine to execute people when the world saw the Apple II computer in June 1977.
– If the Milky Way Galaxy was the same size as the U.S., our solar system would be as big as a quarter.
– Warren Buffet has so much money that for him to spend $700,000 is like buying a can of soda for the average American.
– Woolly mammoths were still around when the Great Pyramid of Giza was being constructed.
– If our planet was the size of your typical classroom globe, then all the oceans would be no deeper than 0.04 inches.
– If Bill Gates decided to spend his current net worth before he turned 80, he would have to spend $9.7 million a day.
– Ants outnumber humans pretty impressively. There are 1.4 million ants for each person.
– The eyes of the giant squid are the biggest in the animal kingdom. Its massive eyeball can have a diameter of 10 inches.

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