30 Foods You’ve Been Storing All Wrong

40% – that’s how much of the food you buy ends up getting tossed right in the garbage. 40%! Surprised? The culprit: improper storage. We are used to storing everything in our fridges: fruits, vegetables, sweets, breads. Some people also keep sauces, marinades, and cans in their fridges, just in case. But often, while storing foods like this might extend their shelf life, it can actually be harmful for the products.

Did you know, for example, that tomatoes get even more flavorful and fragrant if you keep them at room temperature (about 70°F) or above? Or that onion and garlic prefer warmer temperatures, too? They’re also afraid of light and won’t like being kept in a sunlit kitchen. And guys, never keep fries in the fridge! French fries, or any fried potatoes for that matter, contain a substance that can become toxic when kept in low temperatures. So, let’s see what conditions best protect some common products in the kitchen, and save you some money!

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