30+ Secrets Hidden in Everyday Things

How to find an expiration date on makeup? What are those weird markings on the bottom of a toothpaste tube? Why do some button-down shirts have a button on the back of the collar? Mysterious holes, confusing fabric squares, perplexing hooks, seemingly random markings, additional buttons, and color codes…

Do you know, for example, that colorful plastic tags on bags of bread indicate when the loaf was baked? The color code is the following: Monday – a blue tag, Tuesday – green, Thursday – red, Friday – white, and on Saturday, you can buy fresh bread with a yellow tag! Everyday things hide tons of secrets! How many of them have you known before?


Two holes in a lollipop stick 0:21

Blank pages at the end of a book 1:15

Fabric squares that come with clothes 1:32

The rumble strips on the side of the road 1:43

Markings on the bottom of a toothpaste tube 2:07

The soft round part under a soda bottle 2:31

Rings on a phone jack 3:28

A little groove on the bottom of a cup 3:41

A tiny hole in a padlock bottom 4:15

Outer rings in zipper sliders 4:33

Side holes in sneakers 4:57

Button on the back of the collar 5:50

Dime-sized hole in the elevator doors 6:03

The holes in the bottoms of earphones 6:19

The drawer at the bottom of your stove 6:32

Diamond slits on backpacks 7:04

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