30 Short Facts That Will Shake Your World

Something that never gets boring is knowing random facts, as long as they are interesting of course! If you’ve been looking for some nice ice-breakers or just fun conversation starters, arm yourself with cool, unbelievable, and very interesting facts.

Twins can be born several months apart. The ostrich’s eyes are bigger than its brain. A baby’s likely to have more than 5 fingers on its hand if one of its parents has the same condition. Your taste receptors won’t work without saliva. And you still can hear how the Universe was created around 13.8 billion years ago! Are these real facts or old wives’ tales? Let’s figure it out!


Donut-shaped brain 0:27

The longest time between the birth of twins 1:24

Why your shoelaces keep untying 1:58

How you can see white blood cells 2:16

Seawater instead of blood 2:51

Are you scared of beards? 3:18

The Ring of Fire 3:39

You can hear how the Universe was created 4:24

How long it would take to reach the Moon 4:51

Why ostriches run in circles 5:30

A photon journey 5:58

Who has 32 brains and 10 stomachs 6:58

“Prunes” instead of “Cheese” 7:11

Polydactyly 7:25

Teeth in the stomach 7:57

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