38 Female Body Facts I Can’t Keep Out of My Head Now

Sometimes we forget how unique the human body is. If someone asks you right now about the differences between male and female bodies, you’ll instantly remember only the most obvious one. For example, everybody knows about the incredible endurance of women’s bodies and have heard something about the difference between men and women’s color recognition. But if you take a closer look at the female organism, you can find plenty of other interesting facts that women themselves may not even know about.

Yes, they do distinguish millions of colors. They speak about 20,000 words a day. They are more likely to have hiccups, and they blink more often. Okay, three of these facts about women are true, and one is a gall-durn lie. Let’s check our egos at the door, men, and find out the truth – and why women are superior in some ways to us guys. So, we’re about to reveal less noticeable but very curious features of the female body.

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They can see 100 million colors! 0:23
The female brain is smaller 1:32
Why do they live longer? 1:44
Women use both sides of their brains 3:00
They have more tastebuds on their tongues 3:35
They can handle much more pain 4:25
Women’s hearts are smaller 5:01
Women’s skin is thinner 5:58
They go through adolescence twice 6:11
They are born with face-reading skills! 6:24
They have way more nightmares 8:09
They cry much more than men 8:59

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