4 Signs You’re Going Through Puberty

How to deal with puberty? Acne. Crushes. Mood swings. As if growing up weren’t hard enough, as you enter adulthood, you have tons of weird and embarrassing things to face on the daily. For girls, puberty usually hits somewhere between ages 10 and 14; for boys – closer to the ages of 12 to 16. Of course, your genetic makeup and environmental factors can dictate exactly when you’ll start going through puberty.

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Physical changes 0:59
Hair 2:05
Growth spurt 2:19
Voice changes and hair 3:00
Symptoms that both genders experience
Acne 3:45
New body odor 4:34
Crushes 5:05
Major mood swings 5:52
Just talk about it! 6:36

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– Girls will notice their chest starting to fill out when puberty begins, but it isn’t necessarily a quick process. A girl’s chest changes over a longer period of time, and they aren’t always fully developed until the age of 19 or so.
– At this time, girls may also notice that they’re growing more hair on their bodies, like under their arms, on their legs, and “down there.”
– If you’re a boy wondering when you’ll catch up with those tall girls you see at school, don’t worry — it does happen. Somewhere between the age of 12 and 14, boys begin their official growth spurt and can expect an approximate 3” to 12” surge in size!
– At around age 14 or 15, boys will notice that their voices will get deeper and go in and out, causing a “cracking” sound.
– A sudden change in hormone levels can play havoc with your skin, causing major breakouts both on the face and body. Everyone gets pimples and should be understanding about it.
– If you’re noticing your armpits smelling more than usual, like on a hot day or after you’ve played sports, it’s time to start wearing an antiperspirant or deodorant.
– While many of the boys or girls in your class once seemed annoying or gross, they may seem really attractive nowadays. These feelings are totally normal, and you’ll get used to them over time.
– Feeling particularly angry about not getting a part in the school play? Is your new curfew really upsetting you? No, you’re not going crazy! Your new surge of hormones is giving you mood swings!
– Things can get really overwhelming and even scary, so it’s always a good idea to find someone to talk to about these changes you’re going through. School counselors are a great resource.

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