40 Short Psychological Facts To Know People Better

Hey guys! Wanna learn some psychology tricks that can make your life much easier? While research studies in psychology are not an easy read for everybody, the results can be of use in everyday life. And they can help you to increase your motivation, become a better communicator, and improve your relationships with others.

Knowing a thing or two about psychology is like having superpowers – you’ll always find a way with people. And you don’t need deep knowledge, just use these people skills. So here are some surprising psychological findings that can help you better understand other people and the world around you.

Look at their shoes 0:27
What crossed hands mean 0:35
The best moment to introduce yourself 1:16
Cuticle picking and lip biting 1:32
Creepy smile 1:49
Spot a liar 2:09
What a higher tone means 2:32
Do they like you? 3:00
When you need to listen closely 3:08
Rubbing the eyebrows 3:41
Why people squint 4:07
One word means a lot 4:55
Raise your eyebrows! 5:10
How posture gives us away 5:34
Meaningful conversation 5:56
If people ask you of small favors 6:19
Stay close! 6:44
Make them remember you 7:10
How to calm down someone 7:27

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