40+ Tough Riddles to Save You From Boredom

Riddles aren’t just a fun way to spend time – they also sharpen your mind, help you think outside the box, improve your memory, and start new thought processes! Yep, our brain is certainly not a muscle, but it also needs constant training in order to be sharp, toned and ready to react quickly to whatever life throws at it. Ready to reap the benefits of this unusual brain workout? Here are simple but sneaky riddles for a bit of brain exercise.

And remember to count the correct answers! If your result is 0 to 12 correct answers, it’s not bad! But it could be better – just watch more riddle videos and try to play logic games. If you have 13 to 22 cracked riddles, it’s a good result. But practice makes perfect! Those who will have 23 to 32 correct answers will soon get the “online detective” certificate. Just a bit more attention to details, and you’ll be there!

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