5 Bras to Stay Away From and 9 That Are Safe

80% of women are wearing the wrong sized bra. And even if you’ve got the size right, chances are that your bra’s made of materials that are really bad for you! So which bras should you stay far away from and which types are safe?

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Bras with poor support 0:35
Ill-fitted bras 1:05
Bras made of 100% synthetic fabrics 2:01
Sticky bras 2:44
Plastic bras 3:27
Full-support bras for larger-chested women 3:59
Front-closure bras 4:25
Sports bras 4:47
Racerback bras 5:19
Push-up bras 5:45
Minimizer bras 6:09
Strapless bras 6:36
Bullet bras 7:03
Convertible bras 7:20

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– If you have a bra that doesn’t hold your chest up properly, the extra weight can cause major back and neck pain since the muscles there have to work overtime trying to keep your breasts up all day.
– Whether your bra is way too big or just a little too snug, you can be sure to come across plenty of unpleasant health issues.
– Many of your bras and other garments may come from manufacturers that use synthetic fabrics. Unfortunately, a lot of these man-made textiles contain dangerous toxins that can cause serious health problems.
– This glue is made with toxin-filled chemicals that aren’t necessarily supposed to sit on your skin for long periods of time.
– The plastic material allows for no ventilation whatsoever, which (you should know by now) means rashes and irritations galore!
– If you have a larger chest, good even support is key. So, obviously, full-support bras are the way to go here!
– Front-clasp bras open and close from the front instead of the back, hence the name! While this feature offers no benefits health-wise, it’s a little easier to take on.
– Sports bras keep everything in place during excessive movement, which can prevent sagging in the future.
– Racerback bras, when they’re the right size, not only provide great support, but their straps are also perfectly hidden under a cute racerback shirt.
– Push-up bras have an extra layer of padding in the bottom half of the cup. This padding gives your breasts a nice lift and boosted support since they hug close to your body.
– And if you’re going for the opposite effect of a push-up – that is, a SMALLER look to the breasts – then you’ll want a minimizer bra.
– Strapless bras are usually better for smaller to medium-sized breasts given that they provide minimal support.
– Bullet bras were the norm back in the ‘40s and ‘50s, and they were made to give the breasts a pointier shape.
– Convertible bras allow you to get multiple styles in just one bra. Whether you’re wearing a halter top, a plain ol’ tee, or a racerback, convertible bras let you manipulate the straps to match whatever style you’re going for.

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