5-Minute Home Workout to Build a Bigger Chest

Do you wanna bulk up? Do you have 5 minutes to spare and chest muscles you’d like to build up and tone? Then this workout is right what you need! The best part is that these moves won’t only get you ripped but also give you better posture, more strength, more mobility, and get you into your dream body in no time.

Don’t worry, you don’t need to run to the gym to do these exercises. Just get in some comfortable clothes, and let’s give them a try! But be sure to keep in mind that if you’re a beginner trying out these exercises, it’s best to start with lighter weights and work your way up to heavier ones so you can really focus on good form.

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#1: Jumping jacks 0:21
#2: Push-ups 1:32
#3: Mountain climbers 2:54
#4: Spiderman push-ups 4:30
#5: Single arm raises 5:50
#6: Circular arm raises 7:35
#7: Inclined arm raises 8:49

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– We’ll first need to warm up and get your chest muscles ready to work. Jumping jacks also increase your stamina and burn calories. The most important thing is, to do them right.
– Push-ups are a must-have in any exercise regimen if you’re looking to sculpt your pecs, which are the main muscles in your chest. The cool thing is that they also work your core muscles, improve your posture, and build strength in your lower back and shoulders.
– Let’s add to that push-up form by involving the glutes, quads, hamstrings, and core. Mountain climbers are also pretty aerobic, so you’ll burn calories and increase your stamina while hitting all those muscle groups.
– Spiderman push-ups work pretty much the same as mountain climbers as far as balance goes – you need to keep steady, so your chest, abdominal, and shoulder muscles really have to work to achieve that.
– Single-arm raises are great for sculpting your upper body and giving your chest the definition it needs. This exercise engages your abs too!
– Circular dumbbell raises work the side muscles in and around your chest, so this will really sculpt them out nicely.
– The grand finale of today’s workout really packs a chest-building punch! Inclined arm raises generate more muscle activity than push-ups, and that’s saying something! They target your pectoralis chest muscles, biceps, triceps, and deltoids, just to name a few.

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