5 Owners Who Refused to Move Out at Any Price

The world around us evolves so fast it sometimes makes our heads spin. You can see this most graphically in big cities. So imagine this: a brand-new mall is gonna be built right where your house is standing, and you’ve been offered a generous sum of money to relocate. Would you do it? Well, if you’re anything like these property owners, that’d be a big fat “Nah, I’m good, thanks!”

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“Road block” 0:21

“Stuck in the middle with you!” 1:10

Strong-willed Edith Macefield 1:53

Your own personal moat! 3:34

The “Million Dollar Corner” 5:09

Small house on the rock 6:55

The skinniest house in the world 7:51

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– #1. This crumbling 3-story home is an example of one, and it’s the very last building in the whole area. But the most incredible thing is that this house is sitting right in the middle of a new road being built!
– #2. Three families downright refused to leave their homes. The construction company had no other choice but to build a massive bypass around the 2 properties. The remaining families were even promised a noise barrier to block out the sound of traffic.
– #3. The homeowner, Edith Macefield, wasn’t about to vacate her home. But the developers decided to build the mall anyway so that it surrounded her house on 3 sides.
– #4. This home in Chongqing is one of the most famous nail houses in China. Once the area was dug up for construction, their house ended up towering over 55 feet off the surrounding ground!
– In 1911, Siegel-Cooper Dry Goods Store sold the land for the highest price that had ever been paid for a plot: a whopping 1 million bucks! That’s $868 a square foot!
– Not far from Bajina Bašta in Serbia, you can find a cute little house perched on a rock right in the middle of the Drina River. It was built by 17-year-old boys. Nowadays, the house has become an incredibly popular tourist destination.
– The skinniest house in the world is just 3 feet wide at its most narrow point and 5 feet at the widest. The house’s iron frame supports two floors.

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