50+ Unbelievable Facts About Your Own Body

Hey guys! Here’s another compilation of weirdly fascinating facts about the human body! You think you know your own body perfectly? Well, you probably know how it works and what kinds of changes and processes are occurring in it every second of the day. But in fact, the human body is one seriously complex and mysterious mechanism. And there are really surprising facts you might never have guessed!

Did you know that your body is ever-changing? When you’re born, you have around 300 bones. By adulthood, 1/3 of those have fused together to leave you with just 206. And you’re technically missing kneecaps until about age 3. Also, you “replace” your skin entirely every month, your blood – every 4 months, the liver – 500 days, and you make yourself new bone cells every 10 years!


The water in you 0:41

Your liver is able to grow back 1:24

Why a woman’s heart works harder 2:02

Length of blood vessels 2:24

Why we yawn 2:50

Speed of sneeze 3:05

Reversed organs 4:04

No sense of smell 4:12

Your largest organ 4:48

How to create dimples 5:04

Why you have so much hair on your head 5:30

“Chills” from listening to songs 6:11

Why you can’t tickle yourself 6:40

The video card in your brain 7:24

Dreaming in black and white 8:05

The strongest muscle 8:35

Are we 99% chimps? 9:25

How we generate heat 10:20

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