6 Effective Ways to Get Rid of a Double Chin

A beautifully slim neck is one of those body goals many of us long for but can’t seem to achieve. The neck is a tricky area since the skin there is thinner than elsewhere on your body, so it requires a lot of care to maintain its elasticity. So what exactly can you do to not only get rid of that stubborn double chin but also keep your neck taut and “in shape”? Watch this video till the end to get some simple yet essential tips on how to keep your face and neck in the best possible shape.

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#6. Do facial exercises 0:52
#5. Don’t overuse perfume 6:52
#4. Don’t wear heavy jewelry 7:43
#3. Watch your posture 8:31
#2. Keep your skin moisturized 9:33
#1. Eat more foods rich in vitamin C and fatty acids 10:32

-Facial exercises are the most effective thing you can do to slim down your neck. They give the muscles in your face and neck a good workout, so you can finally kiss that double chin goodbye!
-Perfumes contain alcohol and different chemicals that dry out your skin and make it less elastic. And by now you probably know that less elasticity means more sagging and wrinkling.
-Heavy necklaces and pendants have, on average, a 20% chance of causing unpleasant neck problems. So be careful with this type of jewelry and try to save it only for special occasions.
-Bad posture and increased neck tension can easily lead to “knots” developing in the muscles.
-Your regular face cream will be just fine for your neck. The only trick is to pay attention to how you apply it to your neck because it’s important to go in upward strokes.
-Vitamin C since it boosts collagen production, making the skin plumper and way more elastic. This is why it’s better to include more citrus fruits, tomatoes, and berries in your diet.


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