6 Riddles Only a True Detective Can Solve

Unleash your inner Sherlock and solve these riddles that might seem easy but in fact are super hard to crack. Let’s see if you can do what only 5% of the smartest people can when it comes to super hard riddles. It’s said that all geniuses are a bit crazy. Well, we aren’t sure about “crazy” but to solve the riddles in this video, you’ll definitely need to think outside the box and try not to take them too seriously!

After each riddle, you’ll have 15 seconds to think over the solution. After that, you will see the answer and will be able to check if your guess has been correct.


1. An enthusiastic murderer 0:46

2. A silly mistake 2:26

3. The dates puzzle 3:39

4. A murder in a sauna 5:29

5. A messenger of death 6:58

6. Supermarket theft 8:04

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