60+ Unbelievable Space Facts for All Stargazers Out There

Earth’s oceans are only 5% explored, outer space is supremely larger — and we haven’t explored even a hundredth of a percent of it. But space exploration in real life is just as fascinating as it looks in the movies. Space facts are always interesting to learn! And what we have already learned is mind-blowing.

Did you know, for example, that Tthe farthest we can see into space today is 13.2 billion light years? Or that there’s trillions upon trillions of light years of space beyond the edge of the observable Universe? Or that Black holes aren’t completely black — they have a barely visible hue of their own? Here are really cool facts about space and they will rock your world!


A gargantuan storm on Jupiter 0:33

How old the Universe is 0:56

Where comets come from 1:19

What color black holes are 1:29

The largest asteroid 1:44

Hercules-Corona Borealis Great Wall 2:38

What the Axis of Evil is 3:04

Gravitational anomaly 3:50

Mind-blowing winds on Neptune 4:04

Planet Nine? 5:10

Never-ending storm 5:26

79 moons 5:43

White holes 6:04

Dark flow 6:57

Diamond planet 7:51

Cold welding in space 9:52

Is the multiverse possible? 10:16

Cloud of water in space 10:45

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