99 Facts Showing How Fantastic Human Body Is

Our bodies hide many mysteries. Most of us have wondered at least once how much time we spend eating, why some people feel sick during a ride, or why we cough when cleaning our ears. These and many other questions already have answers.

But the human body is a complex and mysterious mechanism that sometimes confuses even the most qualified specialists. Yes, your body isn’t only your temple — it’s a veritable chamber of secrets. Let’s discover them all together! So, here are stunningly interesting facts about the human body.


Life with the eyes closed 0:51

What if you never cut your hair 1:20

Our inner salamander 1:34

Eyelash mites 2:42

Blaschko’s lines 3:42

Humans can sense magnetic fields 5:30

The Pinocchio effect 6:41

Smells can affect our hair 7:23

You glow, literally 7:31

Night owl VS an early riser 8:19

Your thumbs have their own names 9:13

What your immune system doesn’t know 9:26

You exhale your body fat 9:57

Sonic hedgehog gene 11:03

Your tongue doesn’t fit in your mouth 11:18

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