A Journey in Your Nose to See How Smell Works

Humans can distinguish between more than 1 trillion scents, and each person has a unique odor. But have you ever wondered how this is possible? How does your sense of smell work? Imagine you’re eating a freshly baked cookie. Not only does it smell good, but it tastes delicious. As it crumbles in your mouth, it starts to release little molecules. These travel through the back of your throat, while some of them make their way into your nose.

Or picture yourself walking into a room with a vanilla-scented candle. You identify the musky smell through a process called diffusion. Air and odor molecules spread freely in all directions until they reach your nose. By the way, some scientists believe that every individual has at least one odor that they can’t detect. It could be vanilla, garlic, menthol, coffee, or even certain kinds of fruit! Isn’t it amazing? So, if you love learning about the human body, here’s how your nose works!


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