A Journey to the Place Where no Life Exist

What’s the hottest place on Earth? Planning a vacation, but don’t know where to go? Yes, the Maldives, Bali, Thailand, and other warm countries seem very tempting. But what about an extreme trip? Let’s say, to a beautiful place on Earth where life doesn’t exist?

The Danakil Depression is the hottest place on Earth, where the average temperature reaches 104°F, even in winter! And in summer it is even hotter, reaching 140°F. It’s located at an altitude of 416 feet below sea level. In the heart of this “pit”, among the geysers seething with acid and multi-colored salt deposits, there is the ominous and at the same time enchanting Danakil Depression…


The last parking lot 1:14

The center of the Danakil Depression (everything is “poisoned”) 2:23

Is life possible in this place? 3:16

What people do there 5:11

Other similar places:

– Ijen 6:06

– Caribbean Islands 6:35

– Devon Island 6:58

– Lake East 7:21

– Mystery spot 7:54

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