A Star Heavier Than the Whole Solar System

Hey guys! Today, we’re on a cosmic journey to find the biggest star in the Universe! Our own Sun is not the biggest one out there, but it’s still massive! You could fit 1 million Earths inside it. That means, if you think of the sun like a basketball, Earth would be half the size of a pencil eraser. The Sun makes up 99.9% of all the mass in the entire solar system. Bu the way, did you know that large stars shine brighter and hotter?

What about the famous North Star? Funny enough, different stars have had this title over the years, and more will take it in the future! That’s because Earth’s Pole Star changes every 26,000 years. Imagine our planet like a spinning top. The northern pole will shift around in a little circle, pointing at different stars to the true north. The current one is a supergiant 37 times wider and 5 times heavier than our Sun! But it’s still not the biggest star known to humanity…


Sun 0:12
Luhman 16 1:34
Sirius B 2:11
Sirius A 2:31
Gamma Cassiopeia 2:46
North Star 3:09
Pistol Star 3:45
Blue supergiant B416 4:16
Rho Cassiopeia 4:39
Betelgeuse 5:22
Mu Cephei 6:12
VY Canis Majoris 6:38
UY Scuti 7:56
Stephenson 2-18 8:22

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