A Test Will Show How Many People Secretly Like You

It may seem like your romantic life is completely nonexistent and dull, but the truth is that you can never know who has a secret crush on you. Or can you? Well, this quick test can definitely give you all the answers you need! You have to answer 10 simple questions. Your job is to answer truthfully and keep track of the letter options you choose. At the end, your most frequently used letter will reveal how many people have a crush on you!

Question #1 1:06
Question #2 1:30
Question #3 1:53
Question #4 2:29
Question #5 3:02
Question #6 3:32
Question #7 4:09
Question #8 4:35
Question #9 5:03
Question #10 5:35

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– If you mostly went for A options, then right now you probably don’t have any secret admirers. The only reason is that you’re too focused on your goals and inner world. Romantic relationships do not seem that important to you since you have tons of interesting hobbies.
– If the majority of your answers consisted of B options, one person has a secret but serious crush on you. You’re reserved, traditional, and private, which creates an atmosphere of mystery around you. So it’s no surprise that a lot of people feel the urge to “figure you out” and know more about you.
– If Cs were your go-to answers, congrats! You have 2 secret admirers going strong! You’re incredibly kind, supportive, and friendly. And even though you mostly spend time with your friends and family, everybody around you still notices your inner light and caring personality.
– Here’s a little surprise for all major fans of D answers: 3 (or even more!) people have a crush on you at this very moment! Of course, it varies from temporary to serious crushes, depending on the person, but they all still absolutely adore you. You’re exceptionally charismatic, bubbly, fun, and outgoing, which makes you an exciting friend.

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