A Village Lets Cobras in Homes Yet Everyone’s Safe

The cobra is one of the most dangerous snakes in the world. Their venom paralyzes the nervous system and causes vision problems, muscle weakness, difficulties breathing, and, well, nothing good from there. A King Cobra’s venom is so toxic, a single bite is enough to take down 20 grown people! Some cobras can spit venom from several feet away. They aim for the eyes, and they shoot with 90% accuracy – possibly causing blindness.

But there’s a village in India where cobras are welcome here as a member of the family! The small village of Shetpal is really one of the strangest places in the world. In this village, every home has a special corner called Devasthan. It’s dedicated just to cobras – a safe place where they can sleep, have lunch, relax, and escape the scorching sun. People feed the snakes meat and eggs, even play with them!


The Snake Village 0:01
The Ghost Village 3:13
The village with no doors 5:17
Frog wedding 7:05

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